Rent Management

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The kind of lettings for companies in Pays Basque are different and various with the letting of commercial premises, warehouses and offices.

The lease is an essential stage for anu companies which wants to rent a property to carry out its activity under the best conditions. Business Carmen can advise you and support you to choose the best option for your lease.

A lease is a contract between two people which involves the disposing of a property by a tenant. Under a leasing contract, the owner is the lessor, the hirer is the lessee. The lessor commits to provide the availability of premises in return for a payment: the rent .

There are different types of leases : 

The professional lease  refers to premises where the hirer does not have an craft, industrial or commercial acitivity.It is a 6-year minimum length contract.

The commercial lease refers to premises where a coimmercial activity is carries out by a registered company regsitered at the Registered of businesses or at the business directory registration. Its minimum length is  9 years and can never be indefinite.

Moreover, the tenancy-at-will lease is a derogation from the standard commercial lease, its minimum length is 2 years.
In real business real estate, the legal and fiscal rules are numerous and extremely complex. Don't hesitate any more and contact one of our experts at 05 59 034 034 to help your to achieve your project. Business Carmen can advise you.


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